Everyone always sees me with a happy face. I always try to be positive and uplifting especially when there is always so much hate and sadness in the world.  But everyone has a bad day. Yesterday was mine. 
I won't go into all the horrifics, it's really not necessary. Just a brief rundown of the day started with a phone call from my mother, a torn contact lens in my eye, a friendship gone sour, a pulled shoulder muscle, a lost shipment of feathers, an 'encounter' with the heater man in my shop, among a few other things that unnerved me yesterday.  I felt like I was walking in the ocean and wave after wave kept knocking me down. As soon as there was a lull in the day, another problem came and it was beyond my control to fix it. 
And that is what we have to remember. Some things just cannot be controlled. They come and we must take them.  I used meditation, prayer and the support of my wonderful husband  and a great friend to get through the day.  It's now a memory that won't be forgotten, but the pain is lessened. A bad day is like a woman going through childbirth. We have to go through the pain. We take them, as bad as they are, and then at the end, we have this beautiful child. In a bad day, we take all the lashes, and on the next day, it's only a memory and everything starts to heal. 
So when you look at me with this big smile, remember, some days that smile is not there. And some days I cry my eyelashes off and some days it's just SHIT! But as long as the sun comes up in the morning, we can start over. I start my diet again. (HAHA!) I call my mom again.....I just start again. And everything turns out exactly the way it's supposed to. 

Rose Ellen Moore

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