My life with my husband

I miss my husband working in our shop with me. He had to go back to NYC because we needed health insurance. (I have some issues)  I am grateful that he is making the sacrifice for me. Today is our anniversary. When people ask us how long we have been together, I feel like telling them, forever. I feel as though this man was created just for me.

I went through a bitter divorce. I will say nothing of X number 1....only to say that we were children when we got married. And when we grew up neither of us liked the other. I quickly married another man because I felt my children needed a 'father'. Well I married someone that I will only say was a 'mistake'. and it didn't last long. I was resigned to living my life alone with my 4 children. I was sad and I was lonely. People tried to fix me up with dates...and one by one I discarded all of them after 1 date. I this what is left in the world for me? how sad. I thought, I have my own house, 3 cars, I can provide for my I'll just stay by myself. I did...but I wasn't happy about it.

I enjoyed playing 'Trivia Chat' on America Online. I love jeopardy...I love trivial pursuit..and I would put my children to bed at night, sit at the computer with a glass of wine and play Trivia. Because  Clayton couldn't spell Mississippi, I won the game. And he was upset. I told him he was stupid....and  so started the relationship of RCMoore. We talked on the phone for 6 months. I was afraid. REALLY afraid. Little did I was he. But after months of talking on the phone, I felt I knew this man better than I knew myself. I fell in love with him on a 4PM. He said something...I don't remember what...and the words tumbled out of my mouth. "I really love a person"...and I felt stupid, but it was true. Even if nothing came of this, I felt he was a beautiful person...and I had to tell him so.  He said he was coming to see me...and I was petrified...but when he came, he never left. It was if he came home. He fit in.....

Has it always been perfect? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!   we have had some serious fights, we had children problems and ex mate problems....all kinds of stupidness. But at the end of the day...I got his back and he has mine. We have been poor, and we have had money, we have been so sad, and we have rejoiced together. The most important thing is that we were always FOR each other. Always backed each other up......that's the key. And so on this anniversary I would like to say to my dear husband and mate and friend...Clayton..I would do it all again. I would suffer all the problems we did again, just to have all the beautiful joys again....because our good times totally outweighed our bad times. And if anyone reads this, and you are married.....hang on to each other. This world is tough. Learn to laugh and to weather the storm. It's soooooooo worth it!