First day at the gym........................ everybody knows that I gained about 60 pounds since I purchased my brick and mortar business in 2013. I'm chained to the machine or I'm always at my worktable pressing hats, decorating hats, sewing.....I haven't been taking care of myself.   Of course it doesn't help that I eat ice cream all the time, and I eat pasta and was the day. September 28, 2015.  I decided today was the day, so help me God. So...down the street from my house is Planet Fitness. It is 5.00 to join and  10.00 per month. GREAT!   I signed up and they gave me a free T shirt and a tour and I decided today was THE day!

So I dropped my hubby off at the bus at 4:10 and went right to Planet Fitness. Four people were using the facilities. Not bad. Not intimidating.  So I jumped on the treadmill and I thought...well...I'll just start with a 30 min  cardio and then do some machines for 30 min. 20 year old mind thought that, but my 53 year old body wasn't agreeing.  So I jumped on the treadmill with gusto ...headphones in place to listen to all the great music that I prepared to motivate me. Eye of the Tiger, , some old rap stuff and of course, Earth Wind and Fire. Midway through Eye of the Tiger, my eyes were popping OUT!. I was on the stupid machine for all of 2 minutes and I thought I was going to die! I persevered.....I was determined to stay on for 30 minutes, dammit!!!!  I was walking at 3.5 very brisk at an incline of 4.0 and I burned 414 calories. It took me 39 minutes to walk 2 miles. I feel very bad about it, but very good at the same time. It's really not about the losing weight's about the feeling better part. I do feel better. After it was over, I thought...I can't wait until tomorrow! Tomorrow I will do better! and the day after that! with my new T shirt! YAY! The first cut is the deepest, right? and the first day at the gym is the hardest. Looking at myself in the mirror with my workout clothes on, hanging on to the handles of the treadmill for dear life......I said, "screw the machines, I'm going home."....but Scarlett O'Hara says, "Tomorrow is another day!"