Fashion Week? more like EGO week

  As a creative person, I would like to express my sadness to see a wonderful tradition like Fashion Week lose it's luster.  It seems that everyone is entitled to have a 'fashion line' and everyone with enough money can be a designer. You know that I have written about this before...but it's becoming more evident as years go on, ( and I am in my mid 50's, so I have seen a few years) that the respect and class for the art is gone.

There are good and bad things about fashion week. One of them is, we don't always see emaciated models like we did in previous years. We are now celebrating the curves of a woman's body and because of that, 'real' women are now fashionable and accepted. Also, there is more diversity in culture and that's wonderful as well.

But it seems that anyone who has some bucks, can put their name on something and call it their fashion line. A musician, a tennis player, a basketball player, an actress and just this morning, Wendy Williams is announcing that she is dipping her toe into the fashion world. It pains me, because I see many many very wonderful designers, who pin, sew, cut and cry over many creations. Yet they can't seem to catch a break because their wallets are light. But anyone who is famous , can now put their name on something that they haven't even had a hand in making. They chose a design...that's nice. They chose a zipper and button. Congratulations. Do you know what it's like to be so tired that you sew something to your own pants? Do you know what it's like to have a deadline and yet you can't get that dart quite right?

I have a couple tailors that help me here in the shop. Their opinion, artistic view and concept matter just as much as mine.  And I won't be ashamed to say, that many of them who are academically trained, sew much better than me. I am self taught. I watched my mother and my grandmothers and I am determined, which makes my life a living hell sometimes. If I can't do it, I keep at it until I can.

This blog is dedicated to every person who created something from scratch. Whether it turned out or not. For the people who try. For every pin you put into your garment for every stitch that you had to rip out and do over.  We at RCMoore appreciate you...we appreciate your art and your love that you have for it.

Drink a glass of wine for me tonight and toast all of these designers that we will never see..........

Rose Ellen A. Moore
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