The Children are back to school.....HALLELUJER!

As we head back to school today, I thought about all the teachers that I had growing up. I must have been a little (*&%#$.....  and I would like to publicly apologize. :)   Not that I was a bad kid...I was mischievous..  always bubbly and full of fun.   Usually I was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing...  I hated to study and I hated to do homework.  I always did my homework 10 minutes before class, and that's if I did it at all. I had other things to do...I played in a band, I played my instruments all the time and I was all about music.

I had some great teachers. Teachers that I have passed away, and some still living.  Miss McClure, Mrs. Phillips, Miss Stahl, Mrs Smith, Mrs Davis, Miss Campbell, Mrs Warhurst, Mr Eddinger, Mrs Fowler, Mrs Blake, Mrs Dry, they were just in my grade school, Salem Elementary.

Then I went to Middle school which was Third Street in Berwick that building is the YMCA. I remember Mr Learn who taught me Algebra...I know he thought I was hopeless...but " HEY MR LEARN...I WAS AN ACCOUNTANT FOR 20+ YEARS!!)  I just want to let him know that all of his headaches were not in vain!  I had Mr Dunn for science, ...he forgave me when I wrote TESTICLES instead of TENTACLES on my science test.

In high school I had,  I think, THE BEST of the best....why? because they prepared me for life. It wasn't just about the subjects they taught. It was about encouragement. It was about learning to deal with was about persistence and determination. Thank you to Mr. Krothe and Mrs Krothe, ...he taught me Geometry...of which I failed miserably...but kept trying. She taught me the love of books and creative writing. To Mr Maneval...again my trigonometry teacher. Thanks for teaching me a bunch of stuff I never used, but you taught me to  be determined and to challenge myself. And all the while, you never got mad, or if you did, you never showed it. Mr Harwood Rhoades....ahhh....a genius. I can't say enough about him, so I won't even try.  and my music teachers.....where would we be without music?   Mr Scott, Mr and Mrs Bohl, Miss Voveris, Miss Geheart and Mrs love love them!

I know all of the kids that are heading to school today think that the teachers are the bad guys. But as you get older, like me, you realize that life is hard, and they are just preparing you for what you have to deal with on the outside.

Best wishes on this school year. I hope that it's wonderfully challenging, and I hope that things will be learned far beyond the academic curriculum.

Rose Ellen Moore

1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104