Everyone is into steam punk these days!  I am fortunate enough to be involved in a Steampunk Fashion Show for the City of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania. This fashion show benefits their historic buildings of which there are about 6 or so.  They came to me around the end of March and asked if I would do their fashion show....and I really had to think about it, because it's alot of work. Steampunk is not just a dress that you throw on and go down the runway. There is so much more to it than that. So, this blog is dedicated to explaining the culture of Steam punk and I will do my very best to convey what it is.

Steampunk is a fantasy world. It's a world of good guys and bad guys. Somebody may be fighting a vampire, monster, or superhuman creature. Good guys may consists of pirates, soldiers, troopers....and they have really cool names too! This is all set in the Victorian Era...about 1890 or so. Steam is the mainstream for energy...and also mechanical gadgets of every kind.

I couldn't decide how to explain Steampunk to people who did not understand it. So I made my fashion show a theatrical event. Every model has a persona, every model has a 'life'. My models had to 'become' their character.

The story centers around 5 children who were raised alone by their mother in a large victorian house during the typhoid epidemic. One child was lost to the disease. The other 4 survived, but.................they became something.....something evil.......................

I hope that if you are curious and live close to Bethlehem, PA, you can purchase a ticket....85.00 includes your food, drink and fashion show. It is in the Kemerer Museum on New Street where beautiful Victorian artifacts are on display. If you would like to spend the night, beautiful Hotel Bethlehem is in the next block. Below are some links to help you. Just copy and paste in your browser.  :!e.ZzZz.3330000876521.0.61187087716.hotel%20bethlehem.hotel_bethlehem&k_user_id=_kenshoo_clickid_&gclid=CPO_5p6_occCFcaRHwod9cwN9A

We hope to see you August 20,2015
come in white or in steampunk attire

It will definately be a grand affair!

Rose Ellen A. Moore
RCMoore for the Unique Millinery and Vintage Shop
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104