Fashion em or leave em...........

The latest fashion trend for Harpers Bizarre is a striped dress. If I wore a horizontally striped dress I would look like the broad side of a barn!   Not to mention...Tim Gunn....who has impeccable taste and who I have the utmost admiration for HATES horizontal stripes. It's just a difficult print to wear by thanks Harpers Bizarre...but NO........

Elle Magazine is raving about a 'Chic Thong Sandal' can put a dress on a pig, lipstick , heels and the whole enchilada, but at the end of the's still a pig. A thong is just that, a THONG....whether it's on your foot or on your butt, I'm not a fan. A flip flop is a flip flop,....I love flip flops, I'm wearing them today, but I am not at a business meeting in a suit, I am not in a dress for church or flip flops have their place...and lets keep it there!

Vogue is pushing catsuits, unitards, crocheted pieces, everything that every woman could wear! could it be true?????   I have some new respect for this magazine...I think it gives you ideas and what to incorporate into your wardrobe, without purchasing a whole new wardrobe. Many of these pieces can be found in fun vintage shops too!  kudos to Vogue!

Glamour magazine.. stripes but vertical, yellow...lots of yellow...(not everyone can wear that color)
plaid, black and white and plenty of cropped pants. All in all it wasn't bad, but it wasn't exciting either. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........................

Marie Claire had a fun fun FUN list of 1970's time warp retro rags! Wow! fun florals, minis, boho dresses, something for every body shape and every taste. Looking through Marie Claire's picks for summer trends was like visiting my shop! Plenty of color, prints and hemlines! something for everybody!  Marie Claire has my vote!

Cosmopolitan- mirrored sun glasses, crop tops, ......NO....just NO! not worth the read

In Style.....well...I have to say...another conglomeration of florals, lace, patterns and fun. Worth the read, many vintage finds as well. InStyle has a very good selection of things put together to give you some wonderful ideas for the summer. We are in the middle of some hot months...why not make yourself look hot as well?

That's my review for the top magazines and their trends for Summer.....Hope you pick up one of the good ones and have a good read. If you need some help finding your own personal style...stop in to see me. We will share some wine, some laughs and some great ideas!

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