showing some CLASS!

Since it is prom season, I have had more than one girl come in my shop and say, 'your dresses are not sexy enough for me'.....or...'it's not what's on the internet'..... Most of these girls come in and want short, tight, everything-sticking-out-some-kind-of-disrespectful-mess dress. Then, they have the nerve to tell me, your dresses are OLD......HA!   I have vintage dresses, back in the day women had CLASS!  They had style, beauty and respect for themselves. Many times I would go home sad and tired.  Then.....I saw this.....

This absolutely BEAUTIFUL girl, wanted to make her own dress...not only did she design it herself, but she made a dress where most of herself is covered. She is sexy, beautiful, classy, showing off her ethnic beauty.....I couldn't be more happy. Finally someone gets it!   I'm so happy that this young girl is enrolling in Parsons school of fashion.....she will go far! I have no doubt. 

Sexy is a state of mind. Sexy means you act a certain way, it's the way you talk, it's the way you move, not how many body parts are sticking out. Our shop prides itself on supporting unique styles, enhancing each individual's beauty in every different kind of way. We don't dress young girls like they are on the market, we simply don't support that. 

When I saw Kyemah's dress, it brought me back to Grace Jones, Pam Grier, Iman....the women who were strong, wore knock out clothes,and owned it. I congratulate this young girl.  I hope we hear from her again!  

Rose Ellen Moore
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