out of the blue...................

I sat down to write today, and was so overwhelmed by the lack of tolerance in this world, and I was so disgusted at the news, that I didn't want to write. Everything went out of my head, and I thought....who really reads my blogs, anyway.......

Well....then the mailman walked in...and handed me a letter from SimiValley, CA.....

It read,
THANK YOU....,me? yes, me. Laura McLinn, sat and wrote a letter to ME....she liked  my tribute to Lynn Dell-Cohen, she told me her thoughts on Joan Rivers, and most of all...she took the TIME out of her day to WRITE.....not email, not text...she wrote to me on paper!

Sometimes when you think your thoughts do not matter, there is always someone out there, an angel, that thinks that you do. I publicly would like to thank Laura for giving me encouragement. It's so nice to make friends across the miles.

Today the news is ripe with malicious headlines today. A young girl jumped off a bridge because her parent publicly shamed her by cutting off her hair. Clint Eastwood, one of my favorite actors, made a non funny joke about Caitlyn Jenner..there are escaped killers and a police officer run rampant at a pool party.....so many disappointments.  Sometimes I wish I had a rocket to mars.....but....can I wear heels there? I don't think so. But anyway...out of all the negativity...Laura McLinn gave me encouragement, which is what we should do for each other in this world. Today is National Best Friend Day....
Good friends lift you up, and Laura sure did her job today. And so I encourage people, especially all females out there. Encourage each other. Today and every day. Tolerance...even when you don't agree. Politics doesn't have to play a part in your friendship.  I wish everyone a day filled with joy and color.....a day filled with good friends to encourage and support...........and today I am blessed with Laura McLinn.........thank YOU, Laura.

" and so shines a good deed in this weary world"

Rose Ellen A Moore
1729 W Tilghman Street
Allentown PA 18104