In Memory of a Fashion Icon

There will be a million blogs written about Lynn Dell Cohen today. Her death is such a great sadness to me there will be a little less color in this world...and a little less class......She was the epitome of glamour. She taught me to embrace who I was. She made me want to be a Grand Dame!!! I can't even say all the thoughts and feelings I have right now. All I know is, even though I didn't know her personally......I will miss her.

take a look at her video above

Her legacy to all of have some class. There is a way to handle present yourself. There is a way to respect yourself......don't lose heart and give up when you get older. Life doesn't ever have to be finished until you take your last breath.

So ladies, dress every day. Love being a woman. Accentuate what is wonderful about yourself.  Accessorize yourself to the max and love it! Dress for the show of your when the curtain drops and the crowd has memories of your performance, they will realize that they saw a hell of a show!

With loving gratitude to Lynn Dell Cohen............

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