people you meet in the NYC subway

My father always had a saying, 'if you look for the bad in a person you will see bad, if you look for the good, you will see good.'   Maybe that doesn't make sense to alot of you, but for me, I lived that. I love NYC....there's something that changes about me when I emerge out of the Holland Tunnel. Something comes over me, I'm home. I never grew up there....I have just a handful of my relatives living there, but for me I am home. Why? I never feel different, I never feel out of place. Because in a world of people that point the finger and stare, in NYC.....EVERYONE is different and EVERYONE just deals with it, tolerates it, and adjusts. The world would be so much better if everyone everywhere would do those things.

Many times I take the bus into NY and get off at Port Authority. Many times we drive in. It doesn't matter, as soon as I'm there I feel better about myself. I especially love the subway. People who ride taxis just don't know what they are missing!   Where else but on a NYC subway can you find a Russian woman and a Nigerian man who don't understand English , but they both speak Italian (why? I don't know) and luckily that is how we communicated. When you enter a subway the first thing that hits you is the smell of urine, and the sight of a homeless person or two huddled in a corner sleeping. You may hear some terrific music even better than  the famous singers we know today. Every one of your senses will be stimulated. And also, every one of your emotions. You will see lovers, you will see poor, you will see tired, hungry, young and old. It makes me humble, it makes me thankful, and it makes me wonder what it's like to walk in other peoples' shoes.

I though about writing this immediately after seeing Claudio Musajo's photograph of a young man and his child sleeping on the subway. (   Riding a subway train is a lesson in life.  Just as life is a journey.  Look for the good and you will see good, look for the bad and you will see bad. No matter what you look for, it's all there, in the NYC subway.........


the following photos are courtsey of Claudio Musajo photographer