This morning I was watching Good Morning America.... and among all the fun things they had on their show, there was one article that was troubling me......

7 Easy Ways to Prevent Wrinkles....  these were taken directly from the website:


1. Avoid drinking through a straw. 
2. Limit frequent gum chewing. 
3. Always wear your sunglasses, even when it's cloudy. 
4. Try not to stretch your skin when applying or removing makeup. 
5. Limit consumption of refined sugar. 
6. Be aware of how much you’re looking down at your mobile devices. 
7. Try not to sleep on your side. 
Are you all done laughing yet?  I have news for everyone that believes this stuff. Here it is...ready?
THERE IS NO WAY TO PREVENT WRINKLES! NONE! NADA! NO WAY!!! Ok? so here's my beauty TIP of the day.....
ENJOY your life!!! Drink through a straw!!! Lots of them!!! drink shakes! lemonade! and an occasional Margharita!  Chew GUM! I enjoy Extra! it keeps my breath minty fresh so I can talk to my customers without them falling over! :) Make sure you can SEE! Your eyes will let you know when you need sunglasses. If it's cloudy and you can't see with sunglasses...don't worry about wrinkles, worry about a car accident!  Limit sugar but don't deny yourself an occasional piece of chocolate! Look up down and side ways...that's why God gave you a neck! Sleep in the crook of your lovers arm, sleep next to your dog or cat, sleep any way you want...but sleep WELL and DREAM of good things. This list is CRAP!   
Happy Easter and don't pay attention to the media! they just want you to put more money into Botox, and plastic surgery!   Learn to love yourself....wrinkles and all.  My wrinkles are where a smile has been.....and I hope to smile all the way to my grave. 

Love to all and Happy Easter!