Mad Men Berwick PA!

I was watching Mad Men on TV the other night and I was chuckling to myself...' wow, I wore that, and that, and that................"     I remember thinking how cool I looked. I remember how I HATED the fact that my mother sewed us everything. I soooooooo wanted a 'store bought dress'.  I wish I could have taken that back. My mother was very good at what she did. We lived in a small town called Berwick PA....  Berwick was a tiny tiny town 3.2 square miles. that's it! The population in 1910 was around 5,000 1940 it ballooned to over 13,000 because of the influx of Europeans during WWII.   My family came to Berwick during that time. My mother's family from Italy, and my father's family from Hungary.  Being that our town was so small, we were lucky to have 2 department store that sold Shoes, Mens suits, women's childrens and teens clothing. But nothing was 'out of the ordinary' or 'like the magazines'. We had 1 block that was called 'downtown'....and that was it. If what you were looking for wasn't there, you were out of luck!

My mother would go to the grocery store, and purchase all the Vogue magazines. Harpers Bizarre, etc. and then, she would buy fabric at Newberry's ( a store down town) and make us dresses, just like pants, like Pam Greer. We always had the best. We just didn't know it. 

Now that I own a vintage/millinery, I see alot of the same styles I had back then. The great thing is, you can wear them now too. Classic styles are so beautiful and fashion just goes around and around. Here are a few of the things that we wore back then, and I have a version of them in my shop. Maybe the prints are alittle different, but the cuts are still the same. Hope you stop in and see us sometime!! We have the largest selection of vintage in the Lehigh Valley and a hat room where you can go deep into your fantasy world!!! 

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