double standards, nakedness and big women..............

I couldn't wait to come into work today and jot down a few of my thoughts, however ANGRY they may be.

In the last few days we have lost our beloved 'Spock' from Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy was not only a gifted actor but he was a very special person. His quote was, "Here's to the big girls, the small girls and the girls in between. "......How very beautiful. He was a man that wanted to promote positive body image. Do you know how much this must have meant to the women who were in the photos? I wish I could interview them to see how their day went. I bet this one photo shoot changed their whole lives and how they feel about themselves.

What is wrong with America? we get our head stuck up our own butt simply because of nudity. It's a human's not engaged in a sexual act, it's not anything, it's just a body. Europe does not have this issue. But we do. We have such a double standard here. In NYC there are hundreds of strip clubs. These women dance totally nude, but show a piece of nude art in Time Square, and the hierarchy will tell you to put a dress on it.

The be headings  of innocent men and the burning of one was put on national TV and the internet. We watch children starve, people bludgeon each other, and yet, when someone poses in the nude, the same nude body that inspired Michelangelo,  and Picasso, is now deemed as 'dirty' or  'inappropriate'....

I will continute to support curvy women, not so curvy women, in between women, women with one breast, one arm, one leg, no arms, no legs, no hair, .....everybody!!!!  we must treat ourselves and our bodies with respect.  We should celebrate being alive and healthy.

Facebook, can kiss MY BIG ROUND BEAUTIFUL A$$!!!!!!   (too bad I can't post it on facebook)

PS   thank you Leonard Nimoy!

Rose Ellen Moore

Peter Paul Rubens 

Lucien Freud