A note to an ugly journalist............

This morning, as every morning, I  opened MSN news on my computer and immediately read an article about the most talented Kelly Clarkson being called a 'chunky monkey' because she gained  weight after having a baby nine months ago.

Katie Hopkins, who is a British Journalist and TV personality, attacked Kelly Clarkson by calling her a chunky monkey, and said that she ate her back up singers. please refer to the link below.


Here's the funny thing. I had to google Katie Hopkins because I didn't even know who she was, and after seeing who she was, I thought, well NO WONDER she's upset. Kelly may be chunky, but she's cute and her personality shines through. She has survived so many things in her life and has maintained a positive attitude. She is married and content with a beautiful baby that she sacrificed her figure for. Then take a look at Katie whoever she is, she is thin, no doubt but body type really doesn't matter. . She is ugly...she has an ugly heart and a wicked personality that makes her look pathetic. She has to put other people down to make herself look beautiful. I'm positive she cannot sing like Kelly Clarkson.....I'm positive she doesn't even know her.


Every day women come into my boutique and beat themselves up because they gained a few pounds, they don't look like so and so...listen......really listen to this ALL WOMEN......

LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT YOUR BODY LOOKS LIKE RIGHT NOW....you gain weight you lose weight, you have an operation, you have a scar,you have a baby, you get depressed and eat, you move on....is it that important? does it define who you are as a woman or a person?   I have gained 35 pounds since I owned my boutique....I eat on the run, I don't have time for myself right now....right now....that's not forever. I'm sure I will lose that 35 pounds, but I'm not going to even entertain the thought that I'm ugly...I am SOOOOOO NOT UGLY!   The ugly person is the woman that points at another woman with less than encouraging words and makes her feel bad about herself. The ugly woman is the woman that looks at another 'fat' woman with disdain and disgust without compassion, understanding, or even  knowing anything about the woman that she is disgracing.

Chickens do come home to roost, Katie Hopkins, so be prepared for the karma. And thank you for showing the world who you really are. Now I know not to follow you on twitter........you are sooooooo not worth it.

 me at 160 pounds
me at 195 pounds

and still loving myself.

Rose Ellen Moore