Remembering Ann Lowe.....Kanye West, eat your heart out.

Normally I would defend people who are creative and have a creative flare to put fashion out there and push it to it's limits. But there are some things that have to be called exactly what they are.

I don't understand why some celebrities put endorse fashions when they know nothing of fashion. Kanye West is an example of someone who is delusional when it comes to fashion. Let me refer to the photo below......

Does Kanye even know how to sew a button on a shirt?  What about all the other designers out there that are extremely talented but cannot catch a break, but because Kanye West has millions of dollars he can have a 'clothing line'....but for who?  Who would wear a pair of panty hose over their head, except to rob a house? Who would wear a pair of see-through pants? Oh I'm sorry, I see alot of those on the website 'Walmartians'....   Why would a woman go to the gym with her nipples hanging out? Who would exercise in fabric that is meant to hold in sweat?  I would love for him to answer these questions, along with this one....WHAT HAPPENED TO CLASS?    I am a firm believer that sexiness, confidence and style comes from within.  But these clothes are NON-CLOTHES! most of them don't have any clothes on. They are pieces of rag!  Someone should have jumped out of their seat, at the end, and said into the microphone, ......."I'm sorry, Kanye, but this award should have gone to...............................".....but alas, that classless act is saved for Kanye himself. I have no respect for this man, but I will say this, the one beautiful thing he created, was his daughter, North. I wonder if he would want HER in these garments ( I use that term loosely) that he put his name on. 

What Kanye SHOULD have done, was to take a tidbit of information from the first African American designer from Clayton Alabama. Her name was Anne Lowe. She was talented and had beautiful taste. She designed dresses for the high society people of Alabama. She also designed one of the most famous dresses in the world. The dress that Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy wore on her wedding day to President Kennedy.  

This dress is now hung in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unfortunately, #AnnLowe did not receive any accolades for her hard work.  Do you know how many African American designers are not receiving their just due credits, but fools like Kanye West  get credit for something that is not worthy.  Kanye...please do all a favor. STOP....stick to making great music........

Rose Ellen Moore