If I could change the world................

Yesterday I had a conversation with our daughter Claysha. I asked her what she wanted to do in life. She stated that she wanted to change the world.  She said, "I know that sounds corny, but I really want that."   No...it's not corny....it's wonderful. If only more people thought that way.  So, I sent her this link, and I hope that all of you copy and paste it in your browser.


Young people think that 'changing the world' means going to college to be a social worker. Being a nurse or doctor, a scientist, or something that would absolutely serve humanity. What young people do not realize, is that we can change the world just by doing a simple thing. A small pebble thrown into the water can make a difference for a very long time.

I am a hat maker, a lover of vintage clothing. But sometimes my job entails listening to a woman cry about her child, spouse or parent. Understanding when the world is not understanding them. Giving encouragement when they are overweight, underweight, or in poor health.  I throw my pebble in the water every day. I may not see what comes from it. I hope something does. But we can only try.........

If everyone does something kind for one person every day, ....wouldn't that be alot of ripples in the water?

our daughter Claysha Moore