Grammy's 2015

Well well we are again at another PAINFULL Monday talking about everyone's opinion about who had on what and why why WHY??????

Well...I'll make it simple. I am in NO WAY a Joan Rivers, or any kind of Fashion Police. If people come in my shop and ask me what would go with what....I will give them my raw and explicit opinion. But NEVER before they ask....AND...

EVERYONE has their own style. Especially artists. These people are the creators of sound and art and all kinds of wonderful things. They will not be dressed like they are going to the library..they are going to be OUT THERE..which makes news, which makes them a household name, which makes them MONEY$$$$$$$ CHA-CHING!  

And so with that being said, ......I will post a link to a funny website which pokes fun at celebrity fashion for the grammy's...but I will say this.

The fashions are what keep me entertained on these boring award shows. I'm sorry, they are boring. I don't want to take anyone's accolades from them, but listening to the 28th person thank God, and their parents and blah blah blah is boring. I am happy for them when they win, but I will sleep if everyone wore something deemed as 'normal'.  The fashions and the music make the show. I hope they bring it ON for the Oscars. I'll be watching............
Rose Ellen Moore