blending a family there such a thing???

This is a subject that has no solution. There is NOOOOOOOO perfect blend. There is just hope that everything works out.

I have 4 children...2 boys and 2 girls and my husband has 2 girls. We did not get together as the Brady Bunch. We had so many things against us on so many levels. The story is so long and sad, there isn't enough 'whatever-bytes' in 'the cloud' to store all the miserable events that have happened since my husband and I got married. But proof of the love that we have for each other is that we have overcome so many things. From racial divide, to step parenting. There is no 'perfect blend.' that is for coffee shops. There is no happily ever after. There are BIG THINGS that all kids feel at all different ages.

When marriages fail, it's usually because of all the past baggage that we brought into those relationships from our parents.  We can't help but inherit certain things. We see how our parents treat each other, and maybe we are absent of a parent, so we don't see 2 parents interacting. There are so many factors. So now, when children are brought into a new marriage, they don't know what to expect and they have their baggage.

Now that my husband and I have watched our children grow, and we stuck it out, we are watching our family come together. We are watching the child that didn't talk to this one and that one, now reach out. We have the other child who is raising a blended family, realize how hard it was for me. Many things are happening, many wonderful things.  So in this blog, I am saluting our children. They are growing every day...they are learning how the world works, and they keep on trying and we see them progressing. We love all of them...and we hope they realize how much we do. And as Carol Brady says in the Brady Bunch...."the only steps are up the stairs to the front door.."....

Rose Ellen Moore