Iron out your wrinkles with a smile!~

Don't worry about aging,'s not that bad. I find it liberating.

When I was about 17 years old, and my mother and I were alone in the house (my father was dead, my sister was married and gone)....her and I would put on our make up and do our hair in the big bathroom mirror together. I loved those times. I looked at her and, she looks really beautiful. I never ever thought of her as 'getting old'...she was just an older version of myself.

Now that I'm 52, I look at the photos of me as a younger person and think the same thing, 'I'm just an older version of what I looked like before.' And so with that being sad, I decided to celebrate my age, my woman hood, my life by dressing in things that make me happy and make me smile. What a gift to give yourself every day.

Please enjoy this article by Second Hand Rose. Ramblings of a Girl Born in the Wrong Era.  One of the wonderful things about blogging is that you find others out there that have such wonderful ideas about life and love.  Today, Second Hand Rose inspired me to be the best ME I can possibly be. I love me. We (Me and Myself) have been through a lot together. Laughter and tears, joys and many sorrows, and we are still here to talk about it.

Copy and paste this link below if you would like to be inspired, and make sure that you leave Second Hand Rose a comment. I'm sure she would love it.

Thank you for reading.....and if you are sad about your wrinkles, just smile....then you have a good excuse!

Rose Ellen Moore