being ME

For those of you who do not know, I own a 'vintage-millinery' shop on Tilghman street in Allentown PA.  I'm a transplant. I grew up in Berwick PA and I hated being from a small town. I never fit there. I always read Vogue, and Harpers Bazaar and my mother, being a wonderful seamstress, made all the latest styles. My sister and I wore them with great pride, only to be teased by the local-yocals who were jealous and didn't understand personal style.

I lived all over the world. I have been to several different countries, and several states and cities in the US. I adore being me and being different. Wearing what you want to wear and discovering your own sense of self and style are truly a part of life. We all travel different roads at different times, and style changes as we mature and change. The true beauty of it is in embracing who you are. The colors you like, the patterns that make you smile. It makes you walk differently, believe in yourself and enjoy your life. And in doing that, you bring joy to others.

I salute people who love fashion, vintage or not. I have one fashion rule, 'wear what you want to wear and what makes you happy'....
If you choose to wear black all day every day, that's your choice. I intend to dress like POW up until I'm old and grey. I put an url on the end of this blog. Look at these fashion savvy women in NYC. Mature and beautiful. So, enjoy dressing up as you, dear readers.  But however you it with confidence and class!