My Christmas Gift for all women.............

Today as I was driving to my shop, I saw a woman in pajama pants pushing a stroller, holding on to her bag of groceries, trying to pull a toddler along.....and I thought, I was there.....  

I was there, pushing one kid in a stroller and dragging another one. No make up on, depressed and wondering when my life was going to get better. I was there,  trying to work and raise a family.  I forgot my child's snack day one day, so I purchased 28 snack bags of carmel popcorn. My clothes were always purchased at the salvation army, or my rich aunt would have pity on the poor relation and give them to me. I worked 3 jobs. I was always burning the candle at both ends. I had an abusive husband that called me a fat, greasy wop or dago on a regular basis. I was so depressed. I felt like I wasn't worth anything.

Now, I'm 52 and my children are grown. I have grandchildren now. I have a wonderful, exceptional human being for a husband.  I wonder how I did it back then. How did I get through that time of my life? It was so horrible.

So,  when women come into my shop, I want them to feel like a queen. Because we are.  We are the ones that bear the burden, the ones who try the hardest.The ones that cry the tears and take the pain.

 So ladies, when you come to my shop to see me, you get the BEST treatment. You will have a glass of wine, and someone to dress you. You need help with make up? I'll help you. You need a shoulder to cry on? I got one. Not just for Christmas day, but for all days. Why? Because I was you....................I was there.

My wish for this Christmas and for all year through is that women help each other. Because we need to. We need to be strong women for not only our children, but for other women who cannot be strong. We need each other..............

Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwaanza, Happy Hannuka, Happy Holidays,


Rose Ellen Moore