for the new year

Today, as other days, I took to facebook to promote my business. I honestly would not participate in facebook if I did not own a business.  In this moment in time, if you have a business you must be on every social media outlet that you can be on. I am on google+, tumblr, flicker, facebook, instagram, linkd in, twitter, and probably others that I don't know about. is a bane and a curse. A bane because it is such a great annoyance to me when my phone buzzes every 2 minutes about playing a game or another advertisement. A curse because it's a double edged sword.  We need to have it to keep in touch with our relatives, to keep in touch with friends, to promote our businesses, but we also have to listen to rants, raves, and hate mongering. 

As a wife of an African man and mother of 6 of a blended family, I have to withstand taunts, ridicules, and outrage about black males. For every ONE positive post about the GOOD, there are 10 negative posts about people that do not even deserve to be spoken about. 

A year ago, my husband, my friend and I celebrated her birthday in NYC. Clayton stayed in the city to take his mother somewhere, and my friend and I were to continue traveling to Long Island. We got on the wrong train and ended up in Camden NJ. It was 3AM.  The conductor said, 'you need to get off here, and take the other train to Long Island.' my friend said to me, 'we cannot get off here, there is a sea of black men out there.'  I looked at her and said, ' I AM MARRIED TO A BLACK MAN! does this mean that every black male is a thug, murderer, rapist, etc?'  We ended up getting off in Camden NJ, took the proper train, but ultimately that person took the 'train' right out of my life. I have not spoken to her since.

For the new year, my wish is that we evolve our thinking and learn to practice tolerance, acceptance and compassion. Every day I vow to fight against the negativity and the hate. If I throw one pebble into the water the level of the water will rise, and even if it's just a small tiny fraction, it's still a step in the right direction. And maybe, the ripples will be felt for a long time. If we all vow to be kinder to each other, to be understanding to each other, maybe the world can be alittle better. We all make a new years resolution to lose weight, to quit smoking, to make our bodies why not make the world we live in healthier too?

So for my new years resolutions, 1- I would LOVE to be healthier, to get in more exercise so I can live longer.  2- I would like to keep in touch MORE with ALL of our children. (including our 3 grandaughters) and 3- I will fight until my last breath against racism, hatred, bullying, and abuse.

best wishes for the new year..................