the Fall of Bill Cosby

This week in the social media was the controversy between about 15 women who have said they have been raped and Bill Cosby is the accused rapist. This whole situation is disturbing on so many levels.

First , Bill Cosby broke into acting and stand up comedy at the time when it was very rare for a black person to be recognized as a viable actor or actress. Bill Cosby had a spy series on television. He had a a cartoon, he was on commercials, he had several comedy albums, not to mention guest appearances on the Tonight Show. He portrayed a positive perception of African Americans. He loved children and showed his good rapport with them on jello commercials. He had his own series which was a joy to watch for everyone. It disturbed me greatly when all of these women came from everywhere to  call this man a rapist.   When a seed is planted, there is nothing anyone can do. The seed just continues to grow and boom ! the man that has built his reputation, his brand, his now reduced to nothing. He is a leper, a creep, the devil incarnate. The power of social media has made this man tried and judged without a courtroom venue.  The statues of limitations is long gone. There is nothing these women can do now. They can ruin his life, though. They can take hush money. Is that what they wanted and he didn't offer it? Would this man have risked e everything that he fought  so hard for as As a black American only to throw it away for some 'jelly'?

Whether Bill Cosby is guilty or not we will never  know. There is a he said she said issue and now with womens rights being at the forefront, there Are more people sympathizing with these  women. But there is no proof, no witnesses, nothing but an allegation. These women have now put current rape victims under the microscope more. These women do not realize how they have made rape situations difficult for other unfortunate rape victims .

Sadly, even though this allegation cannot be proven....Bill Cosby is now ruined.  His reputation as a family man, an educated man, a brilliant entertainer is now gone. And let's not forget the woman who is suffering the most.....his wife Camille.  Now Camille has stuck by this man because of all people, maybe she knows him more than we do.  Do I think Bill Cosby has had indiscretions  in the past? Yes.and he has admitted that t his wife. Was the woman drugged? No. So why did he have to drug these particular  women? And, by the way...this ex mistress is in jail for extortion.

My point of all this is: anyone at anytime can be in the shadows waiting for your success and at that time decide to ruin you. And when the seed is planted, there is little else you can do. Whether they want extortion money, or they just want to see you fail, the social media helps to balloon an accusation to a degree of enormous magnitude. And we as the pawns are willing to lap it up and believe it. We as a public purchase the rag papers and watch the entertainment news. So who is more guilty...Bill Cosby. ... or us?