appreciate your life.......

When I woke up this morning and saw the news about Brittany Maynard, I was sad, but I was also happy for her. She will not have to suffer, she will not have to incur any astronomical expenses that her family will have to pay. She chose to end her life as she pleases. Many people would not agree with that, saying only God has the right to end your life. But, they are not in her position and many self righteous people do not have to do the suffering , the crying, they don't have to endure the humiliation of losing control of parts of your body. And so to them, I push the ignore button. To Brittany, I look at her as a hero.

You can read her story here on MSN:

To everyone that is reading this, and who posts hate mongering pictures and jokes on facebook, like heavy people who look terrible in their clothes, or racially fueled fights and brawls, bullying on any level, or jokes against gays or religion, I hope this article puts everything in perspective.

Life is so precious. We never know what we will have to face one day to the next. It's nice to have family or friends around to help you through  pain, be it physical or mental. It hurts me to watch people make fun of, or post photos or videos of other people in pain. Where is compassion? You can't heal somethng, if you keep picking the scab.  And so, with that being said. I hope that everyone appreciates their day. Today and every day. I hope that you offer help to someone in need and I hope that you find compassion for the person who you think is a 'freak'.  Everyone is just trying to make it through life. It's tough. And while you are struggling to live your life, you never know when it will be taken from you........................
Brittany Maynard

Rose Ellen Moore