I am absolutely OUTRAGED at the fact that Joan Rivers THINKS that EVERY aspect of life MUST be a joke! This woman is so out of touch that she should RETIRE!   She walked off an interview on CNN because she thought that the person was negative. Joan...hello....Joan...YOU are the negative one. You, who makes a joke about Casey Anthony's child being dead...YOU who says negative things about almost everyone and doesn't care who it hurts. Who died and made these 4 people the appointed professionals about fashion. Kelly Osbourne is full of tats and her hair is purple....maybe that isn't appealing for some people. Why isn't that a fashion no no? Giulliana Ransic is so thin she can fold herself and put herself in an envelope and mail herself anywhere she wants to go. Why isn't her breast cancer a joke?

There are many people who dress tasteless and have no class. These fashions will never be forgotten. This goes as well for WORDS. Many things Joan has said, has absolutely NO CLASS and they will never be forgotten. I know that everyone wants their fame. But I would not like to be remembered as someone who is vicious to another woman. Especially to someone who has had a breakdown, an eating disorder, some kind of health problem or is  a victim of a poor choice.

Joan you are 80 years old. Certainly life is tough. But do you have to make it tougher? Shouldn't you use humor to soften the blow? Certainly you know what it's like not to love yourself. Since you have had so many plastic surgeries, you must not have been very happy with what you were given by nature. Well maybe some of these people who have been victims of your sharp tongue prefer to leave this world authentic. Unlike you, who has had more plastic body parts than Matell toy company.

I know that as a thick woman, even though someone made fun of me, and I laughed, deep down there is that longing to be like the long lean blonde woman. The one that society wants you to be. The one that doesn't have a big round butt, the kind that has large perky boobs, and the kind that has long silken blonde hair like golden threads. I longed to look like my Barbie doll when I was little, but instead got a thick, curvaceous body with black frizzly like hair. When I was bullied in school, it was just another nail in my confidence coffin. Even though, now at 52, I don't want to be anyone but myself, it still hurts when people are mean. and YOU Joan Rivers, are mean. You are a bully. You need to stop. Madeline Albright wrote, 'there is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women'.    Why don't you use your sharp tongue to EDUCATE, and EMPOWER, rather than BULLY and BATTER.?  But then again, maybe you wouldn't get the ratings, and I guess to you, RATINGS and MONEY are worth more than PRINCIPLE and PRIDE.

I may be nothing to you...and I may not have your money. But I never want to be you. I want to help my sisters, I love my business and I hope and pray that before you leave this earth you try to correct all the damage you have inflicted on actors, artists and musicians. These people are ecclectic and beautiful. They are different. Why are YOU making the rules. No one asked you. So, please go away. Don't go away mad, just go away.

Rose Ellen Moore