Compassion is something we do not see too much of in this world. We are always quick to condemn or to point a finger by never with any understanding as to 'why' a person is driven to do the things that they do.

For example, the woman that left her infant in the subway. I'm sure that you all heard of this in the news.

This woman who had a complete breakdown, left her child in the subway assuming that she would be safe. Of course, I immediately thought, 'if ANYONE ever rode the subway in NYC, that is the LAST place a child would be safe.  Obviously this woman was pushed to her limit and was not thinking clearly. If she was in a stable state of mind, she would not have left the infant alone anywhere! Sometimes desperation leads you to choose between a rock and a hard place. There is no right answer. BUT.....even though we have compassion for this individual, does that mean she is automatically forgiven and should not be punished for putting the child in harms way????

Just like the woman in Arizona who left her small children in a hot car while she was on a job interview. She did not have a sitter.....I have compassion for the woman because she was trying to better her life, she was trying to make a way for her and her children, HOWEVER, it only takes 45 minutes for a child to die in a hot car.  So what is the alternative. Should she not be punished?

Life is full of hard choices and difficult ' no win' situations. I should know, I have LIVED so many sad and sorry situations in my life.  I am a strong supporter and advocate for women. But rather than pet a woman on the head, and put her on the pity pot, we must strengthen these women and educate them. There is a penalty you must pay if you do not make a rational decision.

As women we have the weight of the world on our shoulders. Ultimately it is US that have to bear the burden of having a child, raising a child, taking care of them and making sure they are safe...while we are working to pay rent, bills and food. At the same time, always looking for a man to love us, validate us,take charge of the family, and sometimes that man that we are looking for is not there. In these times, I will say MOST of the time, those men are not there. (no disrespect to men at all , and that is for another blog) I remember back in the day I wanted to throw my hands up and say I QUIT, but then look at the faces of my 4 children and I realized that quitting was not an option! AND...if we as women, say that we cannot handle the situation, and relinquish the custody of our children, then we are condemned!!!!! We are BAD MOMMIES and should be put to death! How can a woman give up her child? as a woman that's been abused, ask a woman that has been pushed in a corner, crippled by a partner and society.

So what do we do? Yes we have compassion...but should a punishment be given, or forgiveness???? what is right? how do we fix it?   Now that's a question for a woman, because we ALWAYS try to 'fix it'.

Rose Ellen Moore