what have you done lately?

Today I read an article on Ruby Dee. She met Tyler Perry when he opened his studios. Tyler wrote about meeting her, saying..."I wish young people knew the price that these people have paid for us"....  He meant the older generation. They paved the way for so many things. For adversity...acceptance...human rights....they lifted us to live better and to evolve into the progressive race we are today. We owe an insurmountable debt to brave men and women who put themselves in harms way for equal rights, for humanity, for their culture or their gender. We can say that we remember soldiers on veterans day...or activists on Martin Luther King day...but what are we doing to follow in the footsteps of these people who have paved a very hard road?

What are you doing as a woman or a man to lift up your gender? Are you setting an example? Are you spending enough time with your male or female children to teach them about respect for themselves and others? Are u helping other people's' children when they  have no one? How are you helping your culture of people? Have you supported your comrades when they needed it? And have you done so without putting down another culture of people? What have you as a woman done to help or support your sisters? We need to leave a legacy just like Ruby Dee...we need to leave a message to whoever is here long after we are gone. If we Don't ....then what have we truly lived for?

When someone dies we usually pray for them. We pray for their soul to rest and for them to live in a glorious afterlife. Some of us believe that people look down upon us forever. Well...would they be proud of how we have carried on? Instead of all the prayers...why don't we show them that the greatest tribute that we can pay to a person is to continue their greatest work? Let's take care of each other...let's help each other...let's pave the way for our children's children. If we don't. ..then what is our purpose....or the question would be....do we even have one?

Rose Ellen Moore