One life...I'm gonna LIVE IT UP!

This is a sign that I saw on facebook this morning!  And it's so true. Even for people who believe in reincarnation, or whatever your religious or spiritual belief is. I ask myself in the morning, if this was my last day, what would I say, would I do anything differently, how would people remember me?  So, I was curious as to what famous people said for their last words. 

Roger Ebert, famous movie critic wrote, "see you at the movies."...

Bob Hope's wife asked him where he wanted to be buried, and he responded, "surprise me."

Glenn Miller who was on a plane bound for Paris to entertain troops in WWII said, "Where the hell are the parachutes?"

Groucho Marx said, "put in my coffin, a deck of cards, a 7 iron and a pretty blonde"

John Wayne's wife asked if he knew who she was, and he said, "of course I know who you are, you're my girl, I love you."

So today I thought of my famous last words, I hope I say something funny, something people will remember, but I hope they remember that I really lived my life, in fun and laughter with alot of love.  I hope you have the opportunity to do the same. 

Rose Ellen Moore