This morning as I was preparing for work, I came across one of my most favorite movies on TV...Moonstruck.  I was so happy to start my day feeling alittle nostalgic about my family and so close to my roots.

I was born in Berwick PA. A very small town where 'out of the norm' is not accepted. Where being different means that you have a mental problem. When I grew up there about 85% of the whole place was Italian/Catholic. I grew up happy and surrounded by many family members. I never had a loss for friends. My cousins and extended family were my friends.

Because of life and choices that I have made (with no regrets, I may add) , I am estranged from my family. When I see a movie like Moonstruck it gives me that sense of gives me some warmth, it reminds me where I came from. Even though my family is far from me physically as well as mentally, I still feel a sense of gratitude. I would not be the strong person that I am, had I not come from good stock. I do not hate them, but rather, I honor them for creating in me a purpose, a strong will and a backbone.

I moved here to the Allentown/Bethlehem area about 8 years ago. I was full of tears, hate, anger, and so much negativity. In that 8 years time, I manifested my own family. My husband and I have a 'mom and dad' who are 85 years old and Jewish. We have brothers and sisters, Mary and Tony who are Irish, Monica and Adrian who are latino, Sean Hassett who is latino, Danniella from Hava Java who is international, Meg, who is Italian, so many others who are African, Dominican, Greek, Syrian, Egyptian and Lebanese. I can't even begin to name them all. And for the first time while I watched Moonstruck, I did not feel a sense of loss. I felt a sense of restoration. The people who raised me brought me to a point in my life, and then it was up to me and life to bring bring me to the next point. Every thing that happens and every person in your life helps to create you and to mold you into the being that you are.

At the end of Moonstruck the family makes a toast....'alla famiglia'...'to the family!' all my family here, I salute you, I applaude you, I thank you, and most of all..........I love you....

Te amo...

Rose Ellen Moore