Enjoy your summer, but don't get drunk~!

 MSN actually put out a list of the 8 things you should not do when you're drunk. Yes, people...someone actually made a list of the things that you should NOT do when you're drunk. I don't know how educated this person was, but they must have been scraping for news today. The first rule should be, don't get drunk, because nothing done is excess turns out to be a positive experience.....and so ......heeeeeeeeere we go!

Ok..here is the first one. Do NOT take acetomenophin. Why? Because it could cause liver damage, even if you take it alone,..... and so can alcohol...therefore it creates a "cluster-f&^%$#" of toxins that could do very bad things to your liver.

Here's the next one...are you ready for this stupidity? Don't drive a boat!  Now that's rocket science. I can't even drive a boat straight if I drank water! This list just gets better.....

Do not GAMBLE!  Chances are, you will lose your money. Guess what? If you're sober, your odds of winning are just as slim.

Here's one that I really didn't know. If you are drunk, and you go in a hot tub, you MAY suffer from dehydration. Your body can not regulate it's body temp and therefore can go into convulsions, you may vomit, and even die! That one was a shocker for me.

Do not go swimming! This would be wise...if you are drunk stay away from water. There is a risk of drowning!

Here's another one that is beyond me. Do Not TAKE SHOTS! Because if you are already drunk, why would you drink MORE?!?! Taking shots makes your blood sugar spike which can cause black outs.

Do Not swallow any kind of sleeping pill or relaxant. You may put yourself in a coma...permanently!

Do not have a Heart-to-heart....next thing you know, that person is spilling the beans to everyone in town


These things actually made news today on MSN.com (see the link above ) and I cannot believe that some of them were even posted. How about THIS newsflash....THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO TO YOUR BODY IS TO GET DRUNK! You may get 'buzzed'...you may feel 'tipsy' and that is a sign to STOP! Why would you continue to put yourself in a compromising situation?    The first thing on your list of 'do nots' should be DO NOT take more than 3 drinks. If you do, have a good and trusted friend take you home immediately, because you have now put yourself at risk. Gambling, driving a boat, going in a hot tub...those things are not even CLOSE to what is the most dangerous. Because YOU (a woman) now has to walk home, or walk to a cab, which puts you at risk, you must unlock your apartment door, and you have no idea who is watching you....this is a stupid list of frivolous things. First Rule....DON"T GET DRUNK...drink, but have control. Once you give up control, ANYTHING that you do, will be the wrong thing! I hope that whoever wrote this article understands this. Lets start the summer off treating ourselves well, having self respect. Party! YES! Party party party!!!!! but everything must have a limit or there may be regrets later.

Happy 4th of July!!!! from Rose Ellen and Clayton Moore