Women are so valuable!

Today my blog is a sad one and has nothing to do with fashion, style or the way you dress. Today I am focusing on the girls that have been kidnapped in Africa. As long as we keep these girls in our hearts and fresh in the minds of everyone, their plight will not go away. We MUST continue dialogue about these girls. We must convince people to stand up and FORCE our government to do something.

My business which is located at 1729 W Tighlman street in Allentown PA supports women. We purchase jewelry, bags, anything that is made by women all over the world, including our United States. These purchases that we make support many things. An AIDS orphanage in Africa, Autism, Sexual Slavery ('buy the bag, not the body') the 'undie fund' in Peru,...many many different causes. We try to build confidence in women and encourage women to raise up other women. I would be amiss as a supporter of women if I did not continue to speak out against sexual slavery. No woman should be forced to do ANYTHING that she did not choose to do.

Sexual exploitation is all over the world. Not just Africa, not just a third world country. Here in the United States I am saddened to say, that we have just as many problems with this as many other countries.

I urge all women out there to start small. Support your sisters every chance you get. Do something kind. Offer a kind word if you see a woman having difficulty. Don't be so quick to judge another woman when you don't know the entire story. PLEASE support your sisters no matter how small! Let the change begin with you! Maybe the ripple will be felt. We as women must change the way we think about ourselves. We must respect ourselves more. But most of all we have to drop the jealousy and support each other more. Please ladies......we must do something. But let that something begin with YOU!




Rose Ellen Moore