The body revolution!

Today when I came into work, I perused all the news articles out there. Of course there is war, new scientific studies on foods containing sugar, international news, and then I found this young girl. I was so thrilled and happy when I found this article. She made a large Titan of social media, Instagram, bow down with shame. Meghan Tonjes is pround of her body. She took a photo of herself in the same pose as she has seen celebraties and other 'thin' people take photos of themselves. But, HERS was removed by Instagram. Instagram sited their reasons as 'violating community guidelines'.....okkkkkkkkkkkk

Well, Meghan did NOT take a backseat. She took to another social media vein, Youtube, and shared with readers her personal journey through unhealthiness, health conscience food choices, parts of her body that she liked and parts of her body that she is not crazy about. But, for the most part, she loves herself. It's because of this Youtube video, that she has raised awareness of a 'body revolution'.  

Now is the time for ALL women to embrace their bodies! Enough of this....'I have to lose 5 pounds'...really? Will 5 pounds make you acceptable? Acceptable to who? Other people or yourself?  Listen...Love yourself NOW...don't wait. Years ago having extra weight was a sign of prosperity, it was attractive, it was healthy.Who said that skinny is the only way to go? Thin or fat, we are beautiful beings.  Embrace this remarkable body that has carried you through the times of your life. It has healed when you were has carried your children, has danced at parties...has lugged in groceries, biked, hiked, walked, jogged, and made love. Your body is remarkable. Appreciate it, every bit of it. It doesn't matter if you are minus a breast, or you have a prosthetic of any kind. Love yourself and be proud of yourself. Meghan is my hero your own hero....with love.

Rose Ellen Moore     (this is Meghan's youtube video ...copy and paste in your browser)