Our Beloved Maya.............

Today when I got out of bed, I immediately turned on the TV only to find that our beloved voice of human rights, our voice of reason and hope has gone from us.

Maya Angelou was 86 and lived a long and eventful life, but her stay here was too short as I'm sure many of you would agree with me. She was not only the voice of a civil rights leader, but she was the voice of reason. She made sense when many things in this world did not.  I have her words on little note papers that surround my desk at my home and at work. ''People show you who they are the first time..."   yes they do, Maya. That's my favorite one. "Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an opinion...."....I love that one.

This woman was my beacon of hope. She was born poor, in the rural South. She was raped at 7 or 8, at 17 she was unwed and pregnant and at 18 she became a madam of a whore house and prostituted herself to support her and her son. This is a woman that SURVIVED ....but more than that...she became educated, inspite of anyone holding her down. She spoke seven languages fluently...FLUENTLY! It's remarkable to me that a poor black child, broken and abused, grew up to receive 13 honorary degrees! Just by her life and her joy in living it, she gives me hope.

This blog is to thank Maya Angelou.... I am sure there will be many blogs about her today. But I don't write to win awards, or to stand out or be special. I write what is on my heart to cleanse my spirit and maybe help others. So thank you Maya Angelou, ..your words helped me to find my voice. Your books lifted my spirit...and your life gives me hope.....

with gratitude and love

Rose Ellen Moore