Mother's Day

For those of you who don't know me personally I would like to share on this mother's day alittle of my life. I know that most of you know about my eating disorder that I have had all my life and now I will share a bit of something else.

My husband and I have 6 children collectively. We never use the word 'step' because we treat all of our children with the same love. Unfortunately things are not perfect and for one reason or another a few of our children do not talk to us or each other. We have come to accept how things are and we hope that in the future they will grow up and realize that love is unconditional and sometimes things in this life are not ideal.

The root of this problem lies with the relationship that I have with my mother, which is none. The story is long and boring so I won't even get into it. Lets just say that my mother and I haven't talked in a very long time because I have not lived my life the way she wanted me to. As a mother of 6 children that are all over the place with their religions and lifestyles, I will say that the lives my children have to live are theirs, not mine. I hope the best for them and I hope that they do good things for people and become productive members of society. I don't want to pigeon hole them into doing something that would make them unhappy. Their decisions they make, good or bad, are theirs, and they have to stand the consequences. But I love them.....and that will NEVER stop, no matter what goofy decisions they make. No matter what lifestyle they live, no matter what their feelings are about me, I love them. period.

On this Mothers Day, I would like to wish my mother a happy mother's day. Even though she does not speak to me, which is sad, but that is her choice. Do I love her? of course. She created me and I think I am wonderful!  I would not want to be anyone but myself.  I am the best part of her, Sophia (June) Villa  and my father, Alexander Matthew Holti. I am not sorry for anything nor do I have any regrets. Everything I chose good and bad, led me to where I am now. And I love my life. So on this mother's day, I thank my mother for my life. For instilling in me the creativeness that I posess and I hope that someday she comes to her senses. (my sister also) but if not, that is on them!  I will be here with the same phone number I always had, sitting in the same spot not expecting anything. They have to answer to their higher power when their life is completed.

So happy mother's day Ma...far away.....but always with me

Rose Ellen Moore
I'm the little one! 1964!