May 21,2014 my birthday!

Good Friday morning everyone! It's a rainy day here in PA...I enjoy the rain as much as the sun. Why? Well..when it rains, I curl up on the chair in my shop and watch old movies and drink Chai tea. It's calming and safe and the way that I like to feel.

Today I am doing some reflecting on my life, since it will be my 52nd birthday on May 21st. I have learned many things, and since now I am old enough to give advice, if you need some, I'll tell you what I have learned.

#1 People show you who they are ONE TIME! when you see someone's true colors, don't make excuses, this is who they are and you either accept it, or move on.

#2. Family doesn't always love you.  Loving you means accepting you. You can have a wonderful 'family' with people who are not blood related. Stop trying to 'fit in' with your so-called family when it is causing you pain and heartache.

#3  Having class and having respect for yourself is important. Hanging out all your parts does not get you a good partner in life. It will get you a fun night...or 2...or 10. People treat you the way you treat yourself!

#4. Wear what you want to wear. Enjoy your life. The day you get up in the morning is not going to be repeated. So live it with purpose and joy. (and be grateful for it!!)

#5 Don't waste time waiting for a special person, money, or things. Enjoy and be thankful for your life now. If you are not happy now, you never will be happy.

#6. Let your yes's mean YES and your no's mean NO! Don't be wishy washy. say what you need to say and mean it. Don't be afraid to stand up for what is not popular.

#7. Be tolerant of other people and their beliefs and their opinions. If you don't agree, or they are hatefully ridiculous, move away from them. A fight solves NOTHING and you can't fix stupid.

#8  Being spiritual doesn't mean carrying around a Bible, nor does it mean passing out literature, or preaching. Living your life in gratitude, serving others and loving is an example rather than a microphone.

#9 Don't wait for permission or authorization to live your life the way you want to. You will wait for the rest of your life...................

#10 Love and accept your wonderful self

Happy birthday to me....thank you for being my friend, for reading my blogs and for support of my business....most of all, thank you for being authentic beautiful beings that came into my life. I have enjoyed every minute of it and I hope to enjoy many more years!

Love, Rose Ellen

Rose Ellen Moore