Valentine's day.....MADNESS!

As we approach Valentine's Day, I hear many women, (like last year) lament at the fact they are not 'with' anyone for this particular holiday. THEN...there are the women that are married or partnered with someone yet they do not receive a gift for this holiday. I have a few words to say for this Valentine's day..and most of them are directed to my daughter, who is feeling badly about some choices she has made, and I want to tell her that 'it's ok'.  

How did Valentine's day start? Well, there are many stories shrouded in mystery. The Catholic Church used to recognize valentine's day in honor of Valentinus who married couples against what the government said. Now the church does not recognize it.  It used to be associated with a roman feast of lupercalia...where boys and girls names were drawn from a lottery and then became 'partners' for a year.  For whatever the reason, we now have society yet again telling me how to live my life. I MUST buy a Valentine for my husband, I MUST get something from my husband....or what? he doesn't love me?  Listen, I am a non comformist. I don't listen to society telling me I must be a size 2, I must wear my hair a certain way or be a certain thing. What I do is between me and my creator. So, as far as Valentine's Day, I say this. Women, if you are not with someone, so what? If you feel that you must celebrate Valentine's Day because society tells you to, then go buy yourself a kicky pair of shoes...go treat yourself to some nice clothes. Don't worry that no one loves you...people do. Most of all, you have to love YOURSELF!  If your husband or significant other is working hard for you every day, says he loves you, washes dishes occasionally or helps with the housework, then why do you need a valentine? THERE is your valentine. A Valentine to me is PROOF...what other proof do you need when he is doing things for you?

If a Valentine is a representation of love, then love yourself most of all! Love all the things about you that make you YOU!  That gap between your teeth, your wide hips, your eyes, your hair, your tattoos, your piercings, your small boobs, your big boobs, your feet...whatever! There is NO ONE like you in the whole world! aren't you lucky to be so unique and beautiful?  Celebrate yourself on Valentine's day without feeling badly that you do not have a partner. Celebrate that your mother gave birth to you, loved you and raised you and now you are a beautiful woman that deserves the best. So don't settle! If you want a bright red shiny new automobile, would you settle for a $300 no paint  rust bucket? NO!  Patiently wait for the right deal to come along. Until then, love love love YOURSELF!  Shower love upon others, your friends, your family, your children. If your heart is broken for whatever reason this Valentine's day....don't worry. A broken heart is an open heart. More love will come in. Be patient and love yourself......................

Happy Valentine's Day from RCMoore for the Unique Individual...because NO ONE is quite like YOU!