What defines you?

Today as I was leafing through my mail and so many news articles, I came across so many things that all had one underlying message. At first I couldn't figure it out. But then, as I kept going, it spoke to me. My question to everyone today is 'what defines you?'   A 'efinition' is an explanation that is making who you are perfectly clear. It is the act of being clearly outlined.  What in your life explains who you are?

There are so many people out there that think that the lighter their skin color, the more doors will be open to them. Many years ago in Asia, the lighter your skin color, the more affluent your family was thought to be. Because the lighter skinned people were inside enjoying sitting on a tufted pillow, while the farm workers were baking in the hot sun. Many people all over the world try to bleach there skin. Many celebrities do it. Why? Is their skin color what defines them?

Then we have cosmetic surgery. Women and men trying to be younger, more virile, and it turns into plastic and artificial. Millions of dollars are poured into cosmetic surgery altering ones appearance. And then there is weightloss. I cannot express enough how sick I am about hearing this can make you lose weight...call here for your enrollment in a fitness club near you.  Is your young face, big boobs, tummy tuck and liposuction and the number on the scale a definition of who you are??

Today I came across a video on facebook of Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie has a strange illness that they don't even have a title for. Someone had put her on youtube and labled her the ugliest person in the world. The hate that spewed from this video could have brought her to her knees. But instead...she turned into a motivational speaker. And here at 25 years old, goes out to speaking engagements and is handing in the copy of her third book. She has graduated college and is looking forward to moving on with her life and to someday start a family.  This video that I have attached to this blog is one of the best videos that can be shown to a young child especially a girl. What really defines us? Is it the way we look? Or can it be what we do and accomplish as a person? http://shockable.com/called-worlds-ugliest-girl-response-unbelievably-beautiful-literally-cried/

Lizzie has taught me that when I am having a bad day, I still have to fight. I have to fight on a daily basis to ignore the negativity that overtakes me. She taught me that I may be deaf in one ear, but I still have the other. She taught me that I may have made mistakes in my life, but I still have a good heart. She taught me that it's ok to be different. WE HAVE THE POWER...to steer our life in whatever direction we want our life to go. WE HAVE THE POWER to say what defines us as humans. DO NOT give that power to anyone else. Especially the people that are full of hate and discrimination. We should take a lesson from Lizzie and BE PROUD. STAND FIRM. USE the hateful things people say as a ladder to climb to your destination. Don't let anyone stop you, don't let anyone define you..don't let anyone bring you to a place where you want to end your life. 

What will people remember after we are gone? Is it the large boobs that you have? The light skin that you have? the beautiful body you have? Or is it what you have done for someone? What you have accomplished for yourself and for your community? What will define you long after you are gone?

Rose Ellen Moore