Roses and Raspberries for 2014

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I had on Good Morning America, as I usually do, and lo and behold another 'fat shaming' idiot who shall remained nameless because he doesn't deserve the publicity, said a 'JOKE' about Alyssa Milano because of her post baby body.  What makes a man so insensitive? Is it because he is a male and doesn't understand what a body goes through to produce another living being or is he striving so hard to make people laugh that he screwed up? I don't be the judge. But as for me...I give him RASPBERRIES!

On another happy note, Pro Infirmis is an organization in Germany that helps raise awareness and empathy for people with disabilities. Thanks to my daughter Sophia Johns, who posted this on her facebook, I was quickly educated and almost brought to tears this morning. Being in the fashion world, it is sometimes hard to keep my mouth shut about people who have no sensitivity, (see paragraph above) and so with this video, I am giving ROSES to Pro Infirmis and to my daughter Sophia,  and I urge all of you to look at the rest of their videos on You Tube

Now, I live in Bethlehem Pennsylvania and my business is in Allentown Pennsylvania. Is it cold here? well...does a bear **** in the woods? Today I woke up to 3 degree temperature. I was grateful that it wasn't -13 degrees like it is in Boston. The reality is this...when you live in the north, this is what we get. It comes every year, it goes every year. Try to be KIND to each other. HELP each other. Find the heart that each one of us has, and use it. Quit bitching about the guy going to slow in front of you, or about the guy that took your parking place. Try to be positive. It's hard...but life is easier with a smile. So....ROSES go to my friends, Mary and Tony Calcagni that allowed us the use of their snow blower to dig out our shop. Many of my customers will appreciate it and it made my husband so happy. A small act of kindness helps so many people.

To the hospital who wanted to pull little Jahi McMath's life support..words cannot can an institution that is supposed to help people be so cruel. Any amount of life, no matter how wretched, is still LIFE! I know I would never give up on my little girl, no matter how many fancy pants doctors told me it was hopeless. Sometimes hope is all you have in this world. RASPBERRIES....definately...for Children's Hospital Oakland.

RASPBERRIES to the New York Fashion Weeks Men's Trends for 2014
If my husband wore a white suit, he would be an automatic magnate for dirt. he can't do that. I would spend all day walking around him like a giant forcefield. Then they say, 'oh linen would be best'...are you kidding?> linen makes you look like an unmade bed by the end of day. so...only wear a white suit, if you STAND in a CORNER and don't EAT, SMOKE, TALK or get NEAR ANYONE!  rolled up pants? only on a boat. whoever wrote this....RASPBERRIES!

spring and summer 2014 for women ROSES! lots of ROSES! I can't wait. I'm in the middle of making my spring line of hats for the derby and this definately inspired me! check it out!

and now...I send all of you ROSES! Roses for helping your neighbor. For checking on the elderly...for smiling at someone you don't know. When you feel the anger come up? push it down and treat yourself well for doing that. Roses for all.......until next time! ciao!!!!!

Rose Ellen Moore