when everything goes WRONG!......

Today started off with a bang...ripped the pantyhose...well that's ok. I'll wear pants. So I put on the pants no problem..go to wash my hair. I'm out of shampoo..that's ok. I'll wear a wig. For some reason I couldn't get my wig to 'lay down' so I washed my hair with dish soap. I have to say that Dawn did the trick for styling my hair this morning. So among the great points of getting out tough dirt and grease, it also does the hair good.
Then the make up...poked myself in the eye with the mascara wand. If you have never done this..I compare this to jabbing yourself with a pointed object under your fingernail, or pulling a nose hair. After a few minutes of eye watering and cursing at myself, I proceeded to put a pull in my sweater,and stepped on my phone charger. When I finally made it out of the house, I was thankful to get in the car and put the seatbelt on. I thought, I'm SAFE!

All of this was brought about by our favorite friend, 'anxiety'!  Sometimes we actually WILL things to happen just because we are nervous about something. I was scheduled to do my radio commercial this morning. I was so nervous about doing it...I couldn't even function. And it was all for nothing!  Everyone at the station was so wonderful and it was so interesting how they do commercials!  Maybe that's what I want to be when I grow up!

Anyway...my message to my sisters today is this: throw Anxiety out the window. There is no use for this thing in your life. Keep calm, enjoy life...My commercial went well, and if it didn't...what was going to happen. Was my head going to explode? A commercial isn't worth the stress that I put on myself. Why waste time with anxiety when you can have a better time with 'happiness, excitement, and fun'?  Enjoy yiour day....Keep calm and ENJOY!.....................

Rose Ellen Moore
with Laura St James and Catherine Bodock at WLEV 100.7 radio station!