What and who is the perfect woman?.......ME!

This morning as usual I came to work and scrolled down the never-ending streams of news on my facebook newsfeed. I came across one that was alarming and well-written. The link is below:

 A woman named Racheal Wright writes a blog for "The daily Hit". She wrote that a make up company took a survey and discovered what the 'perfect woman' looks like according to men. Well, Racheal had alot to say about this. I came to love this woman as she explained to these misguided people, that beauty comes from 'imperfections'...beauty comes in all forms. The gap in your teeth may be attractive to that one man who loves that itty bitty thing about you...She writes that "comparison is the thief of all joy." and she also writes that Perfection is boring...which it is.

I came to admire this woman as she spoke for all sisters. She asked, "why is it that white women are seen as the model for beauty?"  Yes, why does society do that?  Why should society dictate how thin my thighs should be, or how straight or curly my hair should be?  I always read fashion magazines to inform myself of what is 'in' for the season. Only to find that my hair or complexion is 'out'..  They can all go to HELL! I'm always IN! I like me! AND...If WE as WOMEN do not put our foot down and let society and fashion magazines, and movie stars know that WE do not CARE what they THINK then we will always be a prisoner and a victim of their opinions.

I hope that all of you read Racheal's article and I hope that all of you realize how special, and wonderful each of us is made to be. Put your best foot forward and a smile on your face.  I guarantee you will look much better than these 2 faces mixed up of the 'best' of hollywood's glamour. What makes you YOU? All the beautiful things that you do and think make up the beauty in you. The amount of time and care you put into your job, taking care of your family, doing things for others, being crazy fun with your girlfriends and enjoying some good music. Maybe you are a writer of poetry or children's stories..maybe you make jewelry, art, maybe you are a police woman, a lawyer, an advocate of somekind. Pick all the favorite things about yourself and reflect on them. How wonderful are you!  Whoever you are, enjoy your culture, your beauty, your LIFE!

Rose Ellen Mooire

RCMoore for the Unique Individual...because NO ONE is quite like YOU!