The Difference Between Vintage and Thrift Stores

Good morning! Welcome to my brief tutorial about Vintage versus Thrift shops. I know that since we took over this consignment store in December of 2012, we have received many questions pertaining to the cost of our items, where we get them, how our policy works, etc. In this blog, I have decided to give a brief Q&A session on what makes us tick.

Consignment shops are stores that hand pick items that individuals bring in and then they price them accordingly. As they sell, the amount is split between the consignor and consignee. It's usually 50/50 split unless repairs or cleaning has to be done.  RCMoore Unique/The Good Buy Girls consign only furs and couture items that are very expensive. 

Vintage items are from specific periods of time. Usually they are rare and unusual. Prices range from 10.00 to $500 or even more. RCMoore Unique/The Good Buy Girls search all over the world for items that are unique rare and funky. We are priced according to market demands and we are well known in the theater groups for being the 'go-to' place for costuming. We also make our own costumes if a group needs something. 

Thrift is usually lower priced items that you can find anywhere. Thrift stores usually sell things that are donated. The proceeds usually go to a charity. RCMoore Unique/The Good Buy Girls is NOT a thrift store. We do not sell donated items. We have paid for the items we sell and also, we cater to the UNIQUE. 

We also sell NEW items that are unusual. We have a wide variety of clientele. We support women owned businesses which is where we get some of the crazy jewelry we provide. I hand pick every single item that comes in this shop. It's here because I like it, it's unusual and funky. Sometimes we repurpose it to make it even more unique. Don't be afraid to stop in and try us.  I promise you will like it here, and you may not ever want to leave!

See you soon!

Rose Ellen Moore