the beauty of 'vintage'

In the Webster's dictionary the definition of 'vintage is as follows:

vin·tage  (vntj)
1. Of or relating to a vintage.
2. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic.

In noun form vintage has to do with wine. But in adjective form, it's relating to 'things'.  Here at RCMoore for the Unique Individual we have many many different 'vintage' things. They are characterized by excellence, maturity and enduring appeal, just as the man or woman who would wear it. What some consider OLD...I consider fabulous. I have a studio in Bethlehem where I repurpose certain things, and suddenly, 'everything old is new again,.'   We have bathing suits from the 1920's, 40's,60's and 70's...we have fashions that only the daring could wear. And if you think you can't pull off a vintage coat...well....when I step out in a vintage outfit, I get stares, I get compliments, and a ton of smiles. I usually hear, "I used to have a coat like that, I'm so sorry I got rid of it!'   Or....'where on earth did you find that? I would love to have one!" Come on in to our store and look through our ecclectic creations of fun! You will think you are taking a walk in the easter parade in 1930 and then you will think you are in the 50's on Leave it to Beaver then in the 70's on Love American Style...all these things will bring your thoughts back to a moment in time. If you don't see it, ask us...chances are it is in our studio in Bethlehem!

We hope that you not only support small businesses this Christmas, but remember that recycling clothing is the best thing you can do for your planet!  We hope to see you soon....

All we want for Christmas is YOU! 
 Rose Ellen A Moore/
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