as we approach 2014 I am seeing the 'best' and 'worst' dressed in 2013 lists popping up all over the place. Some of these looks are actually very nice. I don't know who are the judges of these things. I can say this...not everyone's taste is the same and......these people should be commended for taking a chance and wearing something that THEY like and they don't care what other people think.

lets go to photo number one:
this is Madonna in fishnet and heels.
I'm sorry, but If I had a body like hers I would rock this all over the place. She is in her 50's people and she looks great! she is an artist and she is owning her look. Owning it is feeling confident and liking it. You rock, Madonna!
Look number 2:
Solange Knowles rocking shorts and silk shirt. 
This is unflattering but she could have pulled it off with bigger hair and a more confident attitude. She is a beautiful girl, why not show off that figure?  A different pose would have been nice. 
photo number 3:
Lady Gaga....she is a true artist. Lady Gaga always wants to shock, wow and make a statement. Why not? Would I wear this? No...but Gaga? she can wear anything and I would still love her. why? Because she is right out there owning it, loving it, and showing people how pop art can be fun. 
photo 4:
This is one of the Olson twins, She is always wearing vintage and of course vintage is my forte. Everything she has on is terrific. The one faux pax is that she is standing there like a wet cat. Pose, Vogue...come on, work it girl!!!! She looks like she is unhappy wearing it. I hope next time she strikes a pose. 
photo 5:
Rhianna is wearing 2 pairs of pants~!  yes she is...but she is loving it, looking fly I have to say. Worst dressed? nah! Unique...YES! work it, girl!
photo 6:
Kerry Washington looks like she is off to find the yellow brick road...but she is stepping out of her box. and who knows...maybe this will be a new retro look for 2014. She is beautiful and that cannot be taken away!
Photo 7:
Lena Dunham is sporting a field of poppies...
She is posing and apparantly loves her dress...good for her!
Photo 8:
Ahhhh Niki Minaj! I love her...what fun! she looks great, what's the problem.  Work it , girl!
Photo 9:
No list could be complete without a Kardashian in it. But I like this outfit...she has curves~! And she likes her curves. Loving yourself is the key! work it, Kim! 
Photo 10:
Miley!!!!  I have no idea why this was on the worst dressed list...she has a young body...she is making a statement, "please stop violence" and she is owning it. I say....Leave her alone! she looks great!  

My point for the day is...be yourself. Own your outfit....be proud, confident and beautiful. don't worry about being on someone's best dressed or worst dressed list.....enjoy your life and enjoy being YOU! 

Rose Ellen Moore