here's the down and dirty on TATTOOS!!!

Who doesn't love a good tattoo? I grew up with a Magyar grandfather who had a beautiful tattoo on his forearm. It was an optical illusion. If you looked at it one way it was a beautiful rose. If you looked at it another way it was a beautiful woman's face. He told me that it was done with a quill. I never understood what he meant. I was young.  Then when I got to be 40, I decided to get a tattoo. I had mine done the modern way and it hurt, not with a quill!  A quill is a feather that poked into his skin a zillion times to make that picture. Wow...My Pop Pop was tough!

I see many women that come in looking for a dress, backless, strapless, whatever and I hear them all sing the same song. "I'm so sorry I had my tattoo done there"  Even Kelly Osbourne is undergoing a series of laser treatments to remove some of her tattoos.

Many of her fans have chastised her for getting them removed. Her answer to this was as follows from facebook:
As some of you may know I have started the arduously long and painful process of removing SOME of my tattoos. The reason I capitalized the word ‘some’ is due to a small group of my now self proclaimed X fans. They no longer like me because I am attempting to grow up and better myself. They labeled me a sell out and gave me a lot of flack over my decision to remove them… lets just get real hear for a second I have some proper shit tattoos. They are representative of MY teenage rebellion, self-harm, drug usage, or an lets just say for lack of a better phrase ‘Past penetrative pals!’ Take it from me because I have made this mistake (I will never say how many) NEVER get a living lovers name or a matching couples tattoo. It is my belief that they are the kiss of death on any relationship. It doesn’t just mess up the relationship you are in when you get your everlasting dooms day ink but future relationships as well. Trust me when I say this that ‘Jessica’ does not want to stare at ‘Sarah’s’ name while you are bumping uglies. Here is a tip to all… we might tell our partners that seeing a name that is not ours on their body does not bother us and what’s in the past is the past. WE ARE LYING TO YOU AND WILL USE IT AGAINST YOU FOREVER!!!! I also have a moog keyboard tattoo and I cant even play the fucking piano so please forgive me for being such a sell out for wanting it removed.

Anyway lets get back on topic! Tattoo removal… Anything to do with pain and foreverness always has rumors surrounding it so as extreme at this may sound tattoo removal it right up there with child birth. After only two sessions of laser treatment I have leant so much and wanted to share with what I have discovered along with some advice I have to give.

1. Yes it hurts. It huts a lot. Two hours before I go in for the treatment I use some Lidocaine and Prilocaine cream (numbing cream) my Doctor prescribed.
2. In my opinion removal hurts more then getting the tattoo
3. Green is the hardest color to get out
4. The laser brakes down the ink into your blood stream and we eventually pee it out if you system
5. The better blood circulation you have the faster the tattoo will removed
6. It feels like the worst sunburn of life for up to three days after
7. They use different lasers for depending on the colors of your link
8. Only ice it for 20 mins at a time
9. It hurts the worst the first time
10. It only goes white and burnt looking the first time you do it.
11. It smells weird when your skin is being zapped
12. It gave me the taste of dirty pennies in my mouth but only while I was getting zapped.
13. It’s really important to keep it really well moisturized
14. If you get blisters after then they need to turn the laser down as this should not happen or it will cause scaring. It might take longer to remove but it’s worth it
15. Did I mention how much it hurts?
16. Oh yeah this one is just for us women… you are not meant to get a treatment if you are surfing the crimson wave! It’s a big no no. No pun indented. 

I hope this answers most of your questions. If you have the courage and the means I highly recommend.

big kisses I love all you guys! you are my #KellysHeros

Well Kelly, you are not a sell out. You are a beautiful person that has decided to what? I am 51 years old, and when I was 14 I wore all kinds of crazy bell bottoms, some of them so big I looked like I was floating on a cloud. I had my hair (which was down to my butt) streaked with ORANGE streaks, because my hair was so dark it would not go blonde. Then at 20 I got my hair cut, started going punk...I think it was Cyndi Lauper ( who was my idol then.  Then at 30 I was into MCHammer pants. Remember "You Can't Touch This"

I went through childbirths, divorce, weight gain and loss, health issues, financial changes, job changes...OF COURSE your decisions and your choices are going to be different. The thoughts you had at 20 do not reflect who you are at 40 or 50. So Kelly...don't listen to people who say you are a sellout. I loved you when you sang SHUT UP! (that was my theme song, I had 4 kids then!)
I loved your hair, your tats, your style...and I love you now. For people like me who got a tattoo and still love it...( I really do) good for you, and for people who want to change, do it! We are a work in progress, we never get to where we are perfect. So, Kelly..I love you. But can you tell your co star Joan Rivers not to be a bully? I thought Kirstie Alley looked hot~! (purple and all!)  thanks! and much love!  

this is my famous tattoo! Love it then, love it now...but who knows...maybe I'll have it removed one day............................time will tell

Rose Ellen Moore