Get your green eyeshadow off ladies!

So many of the women in the media have nothing good to say about other women. I hear so many things on a daily basis of women talking so badly about other women. I hear heavy women downgrading skinny women, and I hear skinny women talking badly about heavier women. Why can't we embrace each other as sisters and support each other? 

According to Cassandra George Sturgess Psy.D who is a psychologist and also a columnist for Today's Black woman magazine, "As a counseling psychologist working with women, I have discovered that one of the indirect causes of why women are disloyal to each other is based on self-hatred and low self-esteem more so than the need to hurt other women."
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Women are so hurt and maimed by society that they are disloyal to their friends and family, they are hurting deeply with self hatred and low self esteem.  Society has pit women against each other as a competition. Who has the largest breasts, who has the best body? Well...really, it should not matter. Women have had to fight for so many years for so many rights that are basic to a man. We have had to fight to vote, to have a thought, to have an equal job that pays an equal pay. And STILL in this year of 2013, we are expoited, put down, beaten, insulted and disrespected and much if starts with US! 

We as a gender of beautiful beings MUST lift up each other. We MUST cast away judgement and criticism. When a woman looks beautiful, TELL HER! If you cannot do it, that means you do not love YOURSELF! We must learn to embrace our bodies and our flaws and be confident. In our confidence, men will find us attractive. So ladies, remove your green eyeshadow and put on your red lipstick. Feel SEXY about yourself and beautiful! When you see a woman that needs encouragement, give her some. When you see a woman that lacks self esteem, give her some of yours. No woman should look down on another, unless we put our our hand to lift them up!

Rose Ellen A Moore