Welcome to the Quaintrelle Club

I know what you are thinking- is a quaintrelle a bird? No- it's a very unused word. a Quaintrelle is a woman who emphasizes a life of passions, expressed through a life of personal style, leisurely past times, charm and cultivation of life's pleasures. My beautiful friend in Jamaica, maureen Scott brought this to my attention.  So how do we as women live as quaintrelles?

#1 Be true to yourself.  Never try to duplicate a movie star, celebrity or another person. It is nice to tain inspiration. But the best person you can be is one that is authentic! your own personal style has to shine through in all that you do.  Don't be so fearful of people snipping about you.  Let them in their negativity.  Just shine on.  If something makes you feel beautiful, then, "emphasize your passion expressed through your personal style."

#2 Cultivate life's pleasures by doing things to please others as well as yourself.  Spread love. Do good deads.  Give someone a smile. Encourage your sisters.  Sow seeds that will spread and make the world a better place.  All we can do is try.

The word quaint means attractively unusual. Don't we all like to feel special? And being unusual is not so bad.  I like being different. I leave an impression.  Why? I get their attention! The first thing people see when I walk in is probably my 3 inch fasle eyelashes and red lipstick. Then probably my big smile. Then they have to take in the rest. The high heels- figure hugging dress ( and I am not small!) and black hair or whatever hair I choose to wear that day.  But they won't forget me~! I am a quaintrelle- I am attractively unusual- with my own sense of style- living a life of passion-cultivating seeds of warmth, love , and unity. You may talk about me if you want. I hope I make you laugh. I make me laugh too! But I love being so unusual!

So....BE TRUE! BE YOU! and welcome to the Quaintrelle Club!

Rose Ellen Moore