try something NEW!

I know alot of you read the fashion magazines and then go on a wild hunt trying to find something similar. Here are a few ideas of what can make your November fun :

As we are heading into the holiday season, sparkles, sequins and metallics are more than welcome!
try a pretty necklace for evening.  This one shown in Glamour magazine is $6,400 from Tiffany and Co.
Now just in case you can't write a check for that amount:
try a pretty faux piece, like the one at our shop.  This necklace includes the earrings for 48.50

I came across another article showing how to throw alittle metallic fun into your wardrobe. Try a jacket or a pair of pants, or a purse. 

instead of spending a pound and a crown on these beauties, try a pair of our metallic shorts or a jacket for pennies. In fact, our jacket is on the half price rack!

Above all, it is important to HAVE FUN when you dress. Don't look at it as a chore. Always keep a "GO TO' outfit for when you are not feeling your best. A basic black dress with beautiful jewelry. A funky pair of comfortable jeans and fun jacket. Whatever it is, always be true to you and don't worry about what anyone else THINKS! YOU are YOU!  And LOVE IT!

Rose Ellen Moore