Perception is the key~!

As we look forward to the Christmas/ Hanukah/ Kwanza holidays, and then the new year, we tend to reflect and in that reflection sometimes become depressed about things we could have done differently or about family that is not here. I know for myself, that, among all my blessings I still feel a sense of loss for my mother and father, and for my sister, and for my children that are not near me. But life is like a diamond. We can turn it around and look at a different color in any given direction.

I have the power to choose whether I want to be happy or be sad. And sometimes that sadness can be addictive. Some people find their sadness to be a 'comfort zone'.  Some people have been sad so long, that it feels uncomfortable to be happy.  But truly, happy is a choice. We have that choice every morning when the dawn breaks. We decide how the day goes, no matter what actions others may do, or catastrophies befall our government. We have the power over our own lives. We can choose to be miserable or we can choose to smile through it all.

Life is hard. You may see people with the perfect body, the perfect outfit, the perfect make up, and you have no idea what is going on in their lives, behind their closed doors, or with their health or finances.  Every single person in this world has something going on. One day it can mean excitement or fun and the next minute it can be tragedy. My wish for everyone for this holiday season is as follows:

1. TRY EVERY DAY! and never never never give up~!  Try to stay on your healthy eating program! try to be kind to a person you can't stand! try to put a smile on your face when you feel like crying! Try to do your best! TRY TRY TRY!

2. Make a conscience choice to choose positivity! choose happiness! choose love! choose HOPE! choose tolerance! choose compassion!  don't forget- we are one step away from being in the other person's shoes.

3. RESPECT yourself and others!  If you can't get out of the rut of feeling sad, then allow yourself some time to cry. Just a short time. Give yourself respect and compassion and practice it with others. And sometimes when you help others with their problems, your problems get smaller.

4. Enourage other people to follow these rules, and they should encourage you when you are having a difficult day.  Enlist your army of friends to join your circle of happiness.

There is always going to be a war somewhere, there is always going to be sickness and starvation...there are going to be bullies, murderers, and  thieves. But if each of us try....we throw a pebble in the water that causes a ripple. And with all of us together doing the same thing, we can create a tidal wave.

Rose Ellen Alexandria Moore