My 37 wigs..............

Gregory Griggs

Gregory Griggs,
Gregory Griggs
Had forty-seven
different wigs.

He wore them up,
He wore them down,
To please the people
of Boston town.

He wore them east,
He wore them west
But he could never tell
Which he loved best.

I love this nursery rhyme. It's so me. Why? Because I like to change my look every day. If you follow me on facebook, you just never know what my look is going to be from day to day. Why do I do it? Because I like to play. I like to make people laugh. I rejoice in doing something fun and I absolutely LOVE color and sparkle. When people look at me they think I'm a bubble head in a wig, but in truth, I hold a degree in corporate accounting, I play 6 instruments very well, I went to computer school, andI can put a computer together from nothing, I can cook, I have a certificate in cosmetology as a teacher, and more than any of that, I love life, love to laugh and I love people. So...I may be wearing several different kinds of wigs. All different colors and lengths. But under this wig, is a heart full of love and a mind full of ideas. Remember that saying, "you can't judge a book by it's cover? You can't judge anyone by their looks. 

My message to women today is....Have fun with how you look. Learn to ignore ignorant people. What everyone else thinks is none of your business. Put on your suit of armour and let all the negativity bounce off.  Enjoy LIFE!

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukah, and enjoy your LIFE!

Rose Ellen Moore